Linux CAN Driver
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Linux CAN Driver (LinCAN)

Keywords: CAN, Linux, device driver
Description: The LinCAN is an implementation of the Linux device driver supporting more CAN controller chips and many CAN interface boards. The driver roots can be traced to LDDK project. The OCERA version of the LinCAN driver adds new features, continuous enhancements and reimplementation of structure of the driver. The usage of the driver is tightly coupled to the virtual CAN API interface component which hides driver low level interface to the application programmers. Driver enables multiple opens of each communication objects from more Linux and RT-Linux applications. The message processing is based on the oriented graph of FIFOs concept.
   General information
Author(s): Arnaud Westenberg , Tomasz Motylewski and Pavel Pisa (CTU)
Participants: Czech Technical University in Prague
Workpackage: Development of communication components (WP7)
Deliverable: Component documentation can be found in deliverable D7.4
Documentation: Additional component documentation: lincandoc-0.3
Component homepage: OCERASourceforge
Licenses: GPL
Current version: 0.3.1
Status: Stable
Processor: Independent
RTLinux: 3.1
Current version: 0.3.1 [lincan-0.3.1.tgz] [src] [CVS at SourceForge]
Previous versions: [0.3-rc1] [0.2] [0.1]
Note: This component can be used outside of the OCERA framework.

 Status codes: Analysis >> Design >> Alpha >> Beta >> Testing >> Stable

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