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ORTE - OCERA Real-Time Ethernet

Keywords: ORTE,RTPS,UDP,RTI,Middleware,Real-Time,Ethernet
Description: The ORTE is open source implementation of RTPS communication protocol defined by Real Time Innovations. RTPS is new application layer protocol targeted to real-time communication area, which is build on top of standard UDP stack.
   General information
Author(s): Petr Smolik (CTU)
Participants: Czech Technical University in Prague
Workpackage: Development of communication components (WP7)
Deliverable: Component documentation can be found in deliverable D7.4
Component homepage: http://www.ocera.org
Licenses: GPL
Current version: 0.3.1
Status: Stable
Processor: Independent
RTLinux: Independent
Current version: 0.3.1 [orte-0.3.1.tgz] [src] [CVS at SourceForge]
Previous versions: [0.3.0] [0.2.2] [0.2] [0.1]
Note: This component can be used outside of the OCERA framework.

 Status codes: Analysis >> Design >> Alpha >> Beta >> Testing >> Stable

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