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Open Components for Embedded Real-time Applications

OCERA, that stands for Open Components for Embedded Real-time Applications, is an European project, based on Open Source, which provides an integrated execution environment for embedded real-time applications. It is based on components and incorporates the latest tecniques for build embedded systems.

OCERA combines the use of two kernels, Linux and RTLinux-GPL to provide support for critical tasks (RTLinux-GPL executive) and soft real-time applications (Linux kernel). Several components for both environments have been developed to brings a innovative development and deployment platform to the embedded developer.

OCERA permits the use of three profile components to build real-time applications:

  • Hard real-time environment, a minimal kernel based on RTLinux-GPL that can be build jointly or separately fr om Linux.
  • Soft real-time systems, a Linux environment incorporating Quality of Service management.
  • Hard and Soft real-time systems, jointly the facilities of both environments.

You can also find information about OCERA project at the SourceForge webpage SourceForge.net Logo

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